Castle Accordion

Most Mpls residents, especially Uptown folks, are familiar with the little white castle building on 32nd and Lyndale ave. Randy McPeck, owner of Castle Accordion, uses the historical building as an accordion shop and home for his jeweler’s business. The white castle building was originally built to be a movable unit, and has migrated around Mpls throughout the years, finally landing in it’s resting place on Lyndale. The exterior of the building is porcelain (!), and it is on the national historical building register.

I got to know the building and the dudes when I started taking accordion lessons from Randy in June 2011. After I started taking lessons from Randy, I found out that he had collected some sweet tattoos over the years, including some super solid old school stuff from Adam Ciferri in the 1990’s. I started tattooing Randy regularly and recently had the pleasure of tattooing his co-worker/resident grumpy guy, Jake Bastyr (seen above with his accordion). I tattooed his favorite accordion on his shoulder, along with his nickname, “squeeze box.” If you are ever interested in taking accordion lessons, having an accordion repaired, or checking out the inside of this building by pretending you’re trying to buy a burger, I can’t recommend these guys enough. Thanks Jake and Randy!

One Response to “Castle Accordion”
  1. Susan says:

    Great story and I love the name of your blog! Mom

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