Wolf Pack

At least a couple times a week, a customer asks one of us about the name of the shop, The Sea Wolf Tattoo CompanyJason originally got the idea for the name from an antique print he found of a sailor turning into a wolf. The Sea Wolf is also the title of an adventure novel written by Jack London in 1904, in which a man is rescued by a salty old sea captain referred to as “the wolf.”

Since the shop opened, we’ve all done a few paintings of sailors, wolves and sea wolves, and we’ve had an overwhelming number of people come out and support the shop by getting a sea wolf or wolf tattoo. I was lucky enough to get to do this little folky number this week, based on a painting I did:

I also got to tattoo this sailor jerry design on our own old salty captain, Jason Walstrom, when the shop first opened:

to check out more wolf tattoos done at the shop, check out the shop website!




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