Family Affair

Over the week of Thanksgiving, I was lucky enough to tattoo some friends and family members who I don’t get to see too often. Lucky for me, they all have great taste, do interesting things, and are a pleasure to sit with for an hour or two.

Early in the week I got to tattoo a black panther on my friend Lil. Lil is an animal whisperer extraordinaire and has advised me pretty much constantly on my misbehaving dogs. Here she is with both of our dogs:



Lil is a manager at Bubbly Paws Dog Spa a super awesome self-service dog spa in St Louis Park that also does a ton of fundraising and event hosting for local foster dogs. She is also an aspiring writer and if you’re lucky, you can catch some of her dog wisdom on the bubbly paws blog.

I also got to tattoo this folky traditional take on the compass plant on my cousin, Aubrie, who came and visited me from Ames, Iowa. Aubrie is studying Natural Resources and Animal Ecology, and mostly seems to spend her time looking at cool bugs and running through fields of butterflies. She keeps a blog about bird watching that you can check out here.



My sister also came to visit this week from Providence, RI. I got to tattoo an owl/girl on her that was super fun. Carrie has been incredibly supportive of me through out my life and especially my tattooing career. It’s great to be able to give her a tattoo I’m really proud of and feel like I am paying her back a little for letting me practice on her when I first started. She’s studying to be a doctor or something, but her true talent obviously lies in dance:



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  1. Danny Klecko says:

    awesome. nice post

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