Hope Street Tattoo Guest Spot

This past week I was so lucky to be able to travel to Providence, Rhode Island and tattoo with my friends at Hope Street Tattoo. This was my first time doing a guest spot, and it was so great to get to work with and tattoo old friends in a comfortable environment. I started tattooing when I lived in Providence about four years ago, mostly learning by tattooing generous friends who encouraged me and didn’t sweat the imperfections in my first tattoos. This time around I got to give some of those friends better tattoos, as well as doing some tattoos on new friends I met through the shop. My dear friend Mike Brousseau bought Hope Street Tattoo last year from Luke Taylor, who still works at the shop.
Mike has always been an encouraging and positive presence in my tattoo career, I am so excited to see him build his business and honored to be able to work at the shop when I get out to Providence. One of my favorite things about Mike is that he is constantly reflecting on his work, the choices he makes in his designs, and the meaning of those choices. Because of this his work is ever-growing, every time we talk he is working on a new idea or considering a new perspective on tattooing. Here’s some of the tattoos I got to do at Hope Street last week, thanks to the guys at the shop and everyone who came out and got tattooed!




If you are traveling through Rhode Island, or you live in Providence, I can’t recommend getting tattooed by the guys at Hope Street enough. To check out some of their work, look them up on Instagram: @mikemakestattoos, @kickflipluke, @wisehart_hst or just swing by the shop and say hello, you won’t regret it!


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