Providence Forage

Earlier this month I got to travel back to Providence, RI for another visit with friends and the guys at Hope Street Tattoo. October is one of m y favorite months of the year, especially on the East coast, where they hold onto their warm weather a little longer than we do. I was in town a few days longer than my last visit, so I had time to watch the guys tattoo more, get tattooed, and do some fun stuff with friends!





The weather was perfect for foraging mushrooms the week I was in town, so a couple knowledgeable friends and I went out hiking and gathered a ton of hen of the woods mushrooms. This was my first time foraging, and once I got past the fear that everything is poisonous it was such a cool experience! We lived on mushroom based dishes for the rest of the time I was in town: mushroom bread pudding, mushroom frittata, mushroom soup, sautéed mushrooms in butter…you get the idea. I think I might be mushroomed out for a little while, but I’m super excited to go out hunting for mushrooms again this spring! here are some pictures of our hoard and the food we made with it:






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