Tried and True

Much to the chagrin of every practical person in my life, I recently bought a Civil war-era bed frame at an antiques store for my guest bedroom. I went into the the antiques store looking for a single bed, hoping for some sort of weird industrial looking bed frame that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. They didn’t have any single beds, but the owner did suggest if I was “looking for a project,” that I check out the rope bed they had for sale. Well, I took the bait, and ended up driving home with pieces of a bed that was intended to hold up a sack of straw with a woven rope support system. I knew it was totally impractical, but I love that it feels so personal and you can see the craftsman’s hand in making it. All the posts were made by hand on a lathe, and the joints in the wood are hand-carved. In the age of Ikea, I find it difficult to find (affordable) handmade things, which makes them all the more special when you find them. After some lengthy phone calls with a furniture maker friend and a local mattress factory that builds custom-sized mattresses, we had a plan.

photo-59 copy 3 photo-60

photo-61 copy

I feel like with the movement towards valuing locally grown, sustainable goods, there is also a resurgence of people who value products that are hand-made by craftspeople, and I am so lucky to be tattooing while this resurgence is happening. Some of the things I love the most about traditional tattoos are the slight imperfections that make them look like a person made them, not a sticker machine. It’s always been amazing to me, repainting old flash, that a drawing that is wonky and not realistic, feels so true to life. No matter how you change it, it feels like it was better, more true, before it was changed. Here’s some tattoos from this week!




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