Signs and Systems

This week at Sea Wolf, Jason decided to work on some updates at the shop, to keep things fresh. The shop has been open for about a year and a half now, and as it becomes more and more full of antiques and tattoo stuff, it requires some curating. In order to consolidate the tattoo flash and make it easier to switch it out as we paint more, Jason and Dave created an awesome system to move it around:


The best thing about the new flash walls–they are such good motivation to paint more and replace the few frames we have that aren’t our own flash. The whole wall in this picture is made up of only flash painted by us, which I think is pretty impressive, but I would love to do more, and replace some of my older sheets of flash! While the flash walls were going up I started a bunch of different sketches and ideas for flash sheets, so with any luck I’ll get some of those painted and up soon! The other awesome part of consolidating the flash like this is more room for antiques on the other walls!


Also this week, Forrest Wozniak installed a new sign he painted for our store front! Forrest has been around the Sea Wolf from the very start, he painted our main sign out front, and he and Jason have been scheming new ways to jazz up our storefront ever since. One of the things I really admire about Jason is how much thought and effort he puts into supporting other craftspeople and buying locally made products. The connection between Forrest and the shop is about more than getting a great hand painted sign, it’s about supporting a system that allows traditional trades and small businesses to flourish, rather than vanish in the wake of big box stores and ordering off the internet.  Most recently, they came up with the awesome idea to fill some of the stucco panels on the front of the building with custom fit painted signs. Here’s the first one of the project– “Walk-ins Welcomed,” more to come!


Oh yea, also, I did these tattoos this week!



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