Working for the Weekend

Over the weekend I got to do some super fun tattoos and make some delicious, time-consuming food. The dog rose of no man’s land is on Chad, who does work with Save-a-bull, a local dog rescue. I’ve been having a really good time doing dog tattoos lately, I really like the way it looks to do a more traditional take on a portrait, and it’s fun to try to capture the dog’s likeness. The songbirds and anchor are the start of a bigger, nautical-themed sleeve. It was a really fun opportunity to keep working on how I approach larger scale work, which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

My friend Lacey and I made ramen out of the Momofuku cookbook, which was so delicious and so involved! We started by boiling what seemed like one million different things in our broth, which ended up being worth it in the end because the broth was so complex and rich. While we were doing that, we made croissants with a poolish and sourdough starter base, and whipped together all the different things that go on top of the ramen–including a slow poached egg that is poached within its shell, slow-roasted pork shoulder and homemade barbecue sauce (that’s what the kind of scary looking chicken feet were for)! The process to make both took all day, but we spent a lot of the time waiting for things to boil and hanging out drooling over cookbooks. Here are some pictures of some of the tattoos I did this weekend and of the food we made on Sunday:



photo-59 copy 4


photo-60 copy


photo-61 copy 2





One Response to “Working for the Weekend”
  1. Danny Klecko says:

    Tattoo or the food????
    Tough choice – Bravo MiMi

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