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November was a pretty slow month, which allowed a lot of time for drawing, thinking about tattoos, cooking and eating. Although it was stressful to not have a lot of work to do, it did allow me a lot of time to put into the tattoos I did get to do, and a lot of time to think about how I want my work to grow. Here are some tattoos I got to do this last week, I am really proud of how they came out, and consider them a product of the reflecting I did in November. No food pictures this week, the shop is starting to pick up again and I’m happy to be busy with tattoos again!





Also, these tattoos are on clients who really encouraged me to do my own thing with their ideas, which I think is the best way to get good tattoos. While it can be helpful to get some input from a client about what they are envisioning, giving your artist some freedom so often leads to the artist doing what they are best and most passionate about doing. I am so grateful to Zach and Jason for letting me work out some of my ideas on their skin, I’m really happy with how these tattoos came out. Thanks for looking, happy holidays!


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