Policy Mic Interview!

Here’s some new tattoos and a quick update on what’s been going on! Recently I was asked to do a short interview with policymic that you can read here. I was so flattered to be included in this article with so many talented women, and participating got me thinking a lot about the media attention specifically dedicated to female tattoo artists. Like I said in the blurb included with my picture, I am grateful for the media attention I receive, it exposes more people to my work and brings me more business. That being said, it feels like a mixed blessing when my work is being assessed specifically in relationship to my gender. There are so many talented tattoo artists, and in some ways the internet is a great equalizer. All of the sudden, someone can become so wildly popular and booked up because their instagram is popular, and that decision is made by the general population on instagram, not an editor at a tattoo magazine or a book publisher. I think in some ways that’s great, at the end of the day “good” is in many ways subjective and why shouldn’t the people getting the tattoos get to decide that? On the other hand, I have spent hours pouring over old issues of Tattoo Artist Magazine and books put out by publishers like Hardy Marks, and I think especially early in my career it was life changing to have the images I was sourcing and inspired by be carefully curated by some of the best in the business. Part of me feels so invested in who the true, great tattooers are, because I look up to them and have so much respect for their work and the time they’ve taken to get there, it somehow feels cheapened by someone else achieving fame who doesn’t fit that template. Anyhow, that’s some of what I’ve been thinking about lately, for more on the state of tattooing and women in tattooing (from brighter, more experienced minds than mine), I highly recommend checking out the Invisible Radio podcasts (available free on iTunes) hosted by Troy Denning and Virginia Elwood’s blog. Here’s some tattoos!





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