Virgin Mary Kitty

Maggie, Kriss and Emma came in last week to get tattooed as a family, and I had such a fun day. These ladies were so full of energy, life and cool ideas, it was really fun to work with them for a full day. Unfortunately, I only photographed Maggie’s tattoo, which was the largest of the bunch, but I think her idea represents the spirit of her family well. Maggie got a tattoo of her cat as the Virgin Mary, because her mother believes her cat is possessed with the Holy Spirit. Whatever your religious beliefs, this was such a fun challenge and I was really excited to tattoo it. I also got to do a little traditional heart with knitting needles on Maggie’s mom, Kriss, and a little note in her own handwriting on Emma. Kriss travelled from Madison to get tattooed, and while she was away from her farm her son helped deliver six baby lambs! Anyways, I just wanted to write a little bit to thank the Marion family for totally making my day! Here’s a picture of Maggie’s cat tattoo and a couple other tattoos I did later in the week. Thanks again ladies!

photo-1 copy



photo copy


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