President Obama visits the Sea Wolf!

Okay, that’s not totally true, but President Obama did visit our sleepy intersection yesterday to eat one of Matt’s bar’s famous juicy Lucy’s. We weren’t quite sure what was going on when the street started to fill with police officers, but as more people started to gather in the street we got the scoop and stood outside for a bit to watch the motorcade go by. When the President’s car went by he waved at Jason and me, and also they roped off my bike because it was so close to the President, so I’m counting it as a visit in my book!
That’s really the most exciting thing that’s happened around here, besides some fun tattoos that have come in in the past couple weeks. The songbird on Erin’s chest is a cover up, otherwise just some fun stuff! Someday I will also post about some of the things I’ve been pickling and my garden, sometimes it’s just hard to remember to take pictures when you’re doing something fun.







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