Garden Bounty!

Summer is at it’s peak, and the garden is overflowing with more vegetable than I can keep up with canning and eating right now! I had a great time in Cincinnati, and I’ve been using most of my free time since I got back working in the garden and putting up cans to save a little bit of the best time of year. This year I grew a lot of heirloom varieties, so it’s been really fun to get some seriously weird looking vegetables and fun surprises in the garden. I also seriously underestimated how many pickling cucumbers I was going to get, so I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of different kinds of pickles.

The shop has remained pretty steady with fun stuff through the summer, and I’m so grateful to my returning clients and people who have planned trips to come see us at the Sea Wolf. The first two tattoos are both on one of my favorite clients, Kyrie, who always has such fun ideas and is super awesome to work with. Kyrie wanted to illustrate the Eastern European folktale of Babayaga and Vasilisa the Beautiful on the tops of her thighs. Originally we were going to do more objects from the story, like Babayaga’s house, but I feel like adding the faces was a really good choice and makes the pieces feel dynamic. Kyrie is moving to Washington this week, and I’m sad to see her go, but so excited for her! Here are some pictures of some of the stuff coming out of my garden, and some tattoos I’ve done lately. Thanks for looking!












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