Home in Minneapolis

I had such a great time in Providence–it was a quick trip, it felt like I spent almost the entire time either working or on a plane, but it was great to see friends and family and be in Providence again. I’m originally from Minneapolis, but I feel like I really developed who I was outside of the things I defined myself by as a kid (my friends, where I grew up, where I went to school, etc) when I moved to Providence. Moving to Providence, without knowing anyone or knowing the city, made me rethink a lot of choices I had up until that point taken for granted. I was so lucky to meet some of the most amazing people and the greatest friends–people who not only supported me and encouraged me as I was learning how to tattoo and how to be an adult, but also shaped who I became as a tattooer and a person. Returning to Providence is always comforting and humbling for that reason. I am faced with so many things I would do differently now, so many tattoos I did when my technical abilities were non-existent, and many of the people who wear them who are kind enough to still love them and continue to get tattooed by me. I get to work at Hope Street tattoo with my friend Mike Brousseau, who has always been so supportive and encouraging when I’ve struggled, and I know there’s no way I could be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. I get to stay in the same apartment I lived in, where my sister and my friends Ron, Julia and Keith still live; and I am reminded of the time I spent there and the friends who supported me when I was tired and frustrated. After leaving Providence, I always return to Minneapolis feeling refreshed and cared for, and with some new perspective on my work and on who I want to be. Thanks so much to Mike, Luke, Jon and Mariah at Hope Street Tattoo, and to my sister Carrie, and my friends Ron, Mickey, Charity and Corey, Julia, Keith and everyone else who has supported me by getting tattooed or spending time with me during my visits. Here’s some pictures of some tattoos I did in Providence and some tattoos I did in Minneapolis before and after my trip. Thanks for looking!













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