May Day in Minneapolis!

I’m a little behind posting about the May Day Parade in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago, but it feels worth posting about anyways because it’s such an important part of spring in Minneapolis and in the Powderhorn/Corcoran neighborhood where the shop is located. Every year on the first Sunday in May, the Heart of the Beast puppet theater and the Powderhorn neighborhood put on a big parade to celebrate May Day and the beginning of Spring! I think Minnesotans especially love to celebrate the beginning of Spring because the winters can be so tough. The May Day parade always feels like the first of many celebrations and street festivals in the Twin Cities. Every May Day I feel like I emerge from my hibernation den and get my first sunburn of the year and stretch my legs in the sun. The best pictures I got are of the huge float and bicyclists who ride at the beginning of the parade. The rest of the parade is amazing and the beautiful colors, puppets, and families who participate are wonderful to see, but there’s a special place in my heart for the folks who put together the bike float and crazy DIY bikes. I don’t have any pictures, but I’m really excited about my garden this year too! I stuck with a lot of my standard plants for pickling, cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes, but also expanded and planted some Minnesota-hardy heirloom melons created by someone at the U of M, and lots of nasturtium. I’ve been reading about pickling nasturtium pods and I’m hoping to try it, they are supposed to taste a lot like capers! Here’s some pictures of some work from this Spring as well, I’ve been really enjoying doing more tattoos of ladies and trying new ways to design them.








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