Late Summer Updates

It’s been a very exciting summer, for the shop and for me personally. We closed on our house at the end of July, and August has been full of projects getting settled in our house! It’s getting to the point where I am ready to put down the house paint and get back to painting for tattoos and putting in time at the shop. Some exciting things happening this fall–I will be in Austin, Texas tattooing with my friends at Affinity Tattoo from October 2-7. I will also be participating in an art show at High Bridge Tattoo put on by Sean Crofoot on September 19th. Sean has a very cool concept for the show and if you are in the twin cities area you should make a point of checking it out–the idea is, every participating artist finds an already painted Paint-by-number painting, and adds to it or changes it in a way to make it their own. Sean has an obvious talent for putting together amazing art shows and collections, and I feel extremely flattered to be participating in this one! Here’s some pictures of some tattoos from the last couple months, I will try to update more regularly!









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