Back from Austin!

I got to spend the first week of October working with the good folks at Affinity Tattoo in Austin, Texas. I feel so lucky to be able to travel for work, being able to see and work in new places, and meet new people always informs my work and helps me continue to grow as a tattooer. My friend Matty Higgins invited me to come down and work for a week, and I jumped at the opportunity–Austin is such a hot bed of talented tattooers, it was very exciting to get to see different shops and work at Affinity, which is one the older tattoo shops in Austin and has a very cool location right on 6th St. While it was awesome to get to take in Austin and escape the cool weather in Minneapolis for one more week, I am happy to be home and back at it at the Sea Wolf. This month there’s been quite a few returning clients who I was so happy to see again! Nick got the lighthouse to match another tattoo we did on his other thigh. Carmen and her family all got the shaking hands design, which made for a fun weekend of tattooing–I thought it was super cool that they all settled on such a classic design, and all changed it in small ways to make it their own. The little Annie Oakley is on Brenda, who is continuing to chip away at her black and grey sleeve. Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been up to this October, thanks to everyone who’s come and gotten tattooed, and thank you to Affinity Tattoo and Matty Higgins for being such excellent hosts! ( Check them out on instagram @higginstattoo and @affinitytattoo )







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