Back from Late Summer Travels

I’ve actually been back from traveling for about a month now, but I got to go on three fun trips in August and never posted about it. I went out to Providence and Boston for a long weekend to see the Lungs guys on tour and hang out with my friends Ron and Julia. I’m not very good at remembering to take pictures when we’re doing fun stuff, but I did get a couple shots from our beach day at the pond. We hiked through the woods to get to the rock and clearing we swim at here, Julia has been at this spot so much when the ducks see her they make a mad dash across the whole reservoir to get snacks.

juliaswimminglungsboys meandducks

I also ate a lot of awesome food and got to see a ton of people I love, but didn’t take any pictures of that. The next week I went to Cincinnati to get my back worked on by Mike Dorsey and got to hang out in a couple different awesome tattoo shops and chip away at my back some more (almost done!). The only pictures I took in Cincinnati were of the creepy statues in the crazy bed and breakfast I stayed at during my visit. While I was staying there the power went out and there was a huge thunderstorm. Someone downstairs played piano in the dark the whole time and it all felt very surreal because I was so tired from getting tattooed. Here’s one of the creepy statues:


Extremely creepy. Then I came home for a week or two and then returned to Providence/Boston to hang out with my younger sister while she was on a break from her medical residency. She was so busy during my last visit I only got to see her at 4:30 am while she was getting ready to go to work, so it was amazing to get to spend five whole days with her while she was on one of the only breaks she gets for the next couple years. We made the most of it and did a ton of stuff while I was visiting! We checked out the Isabella Gardner museum, the maparium, the Mount Auburn cemetery, the Harvard natural history museum, and a lot of awesome food. I didn’t take many pictures besides of trees in the arboretum and the cemetery, but Julia was with us on the first day when we went foraging and caught a picture of both of us with our eyes open! We didn’t find any mushrooms though.


Here’s some tattoos I did intermittently during the time I was traveling, thanks for reading something about my life and not tattoos!



catreaper gun rattlesnake

blackhillsscene harmonica




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