Fall Harvest

The garden season is slowly winding down, I tore out a lot of the cucumbers and hot weather plants that aren’t doing much as things cool down and planted a bunch of garlic so we can have scapes in the spring. This summer was our first big garden at our house, and I had so much fun experimenting with what we planted and seeing what came up. We had some things in abundance and they show no signs of stopping yet (tomatillos! peppers! tomatoes! ground cherries!) and some things we got precious few of and savored like they were a delicacy (carrots, a single bell pepper, spinach). It’s been so rewarding to eat straight out of the garden, learn and plan for next year, and have an abundance to share with friends and get creative with canning. Here’s a couple pictures from the garden at its peak:



I also planted an apple tree this year, which is too young to bear fruit yet, but I started training it on to an espalier so it can grow flat against our neighbor’s garage. Eventually I’m hoping that it be visually striking and bear a ton of fruit thats easy to pick because its all flattened out. It’s pretty sad looking right now, but I have hope!


As it’s been cooling off we’ve been trying to spend as much possible outside during in the day and then cozy up at night. You can always tell it’s starting to cool off at night when the dogs decide they’re lap dogs.


Here’s some tattoos I’ve been excited about lately, it’s been a lot of plants and ladies, but creative variations like specific figures or plants have been fun ways to push the boundaries of how I approach projects.

ladyliberty arrowswolf tomatopecan serpentship crow lilac spidergirl



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