Summer in the City

It’s been an exciting summer for the shop, we have 4 artists working full time at the shop now, Jason has a baby coming in October, and we’ve got a ton of new businesses opening up in our neighborhood. I am very excited that The Future, an awesome shop that sells crystals, zines, jewelry, and acts as a community gathering place, opened up down the street next to the Chatterbox on 35th St. I’m a little biased because my friend Lacey is the proprietor and I know how much hard work and thought she’s put into the space. Over the weekend Lacey hosted a banner-making workshop, so Mike and I dropped in and gave it our best! In other exciting news around the neighborhood, the shop is so happy to finally have a storefront neighbor, Northern Rose Bicycles! These folks have also put a ton of hard work into their space, its so great to see our neighborhood full of businesses owned by people in the neighborhood who are community minded. Can’t wait to see what comes next! Here’s my banner and some tattoos I’ve done lately!







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