Post October Post on October


This October we FINALLY got it together and got to decorate the house a bit for Halloween! We were so excited when we bought our house a couple years ago (for a lot of reasons obv) but a lot because we would get trick-or-treaters! There are a ton of kids in our neighborhood, but it took us a couple years to figure out that they are all super young so they go trick-or-treating while I’m still at work. This year Halloween was on my day off and we spent the weekend before making the porch spooky and devising a plan to scare some kids. Mike built a little sound lab with a bunch of pedals and sound effects and speakers hidden around the porch so it sounded really scary on the porch, and also so kids could play with some of the set up and make their own spooky noises. Our costume plan was that we would both dress up as scarecrows, but my costume would be kind of lame and half-assed, as you would expect from most people handing out candy, so Mike would be more convincing as a “real” scarecrow and be able to sit still and then stand up and scare people when they were least expecting it. It went pretty well and we scared a few people  (although at one point I got trapped by an older man who had had a few drinks and Mike was worried he was going to give him a heart attack  if he scared him, so he just sat in his hiding place quietly, ha!). We also made a video of our mouths making faces and Mike distorted them and projected them on the back of a sheet in our front window and then we had those silly glowing inflatable eyes hanging above it! I took a really awesome video of the whole porch, but I can’t upload videos on this platform so you’re just going to have to believe me that it was cool.




I also made a bunch of tattoos in October! Here’s some of my favorites I’ve done recently.




Thanks for looking! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!


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