Lebanon Hills with Carmen!

Carmen and I actually went on this foray in Lebanon Hills over a month ago, but I do way more interesting stuff when it’s still nice out, so let’s just remember how nice it was that weekend in October when we could wear t-shirts in the woods and look for mushrooms…we found some mushrooms that are technically edible, but we didn’t eat them we just identified them and felt cool. This mushroom that Carmen is holding is a bluing bolete, its a super unassuming little fella, but when you cut it open it turns bright blue! It’s a cool trick, and also feels like an awesome reward for identifying it correctly to have it turn blue when you know to cut it open. carmshroom

Here’s a crown-tipped coral mushroom we found and didn’t disturb, because look how beautiful it is!


here’s some tattoos I did more recently than I found these mushrooms!







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