So excited to ring in a New Year! Do you guys set New Year’s resolutions? Mine is to do 1+ pull up at the gym and keep working on putting together paintings and drawings for clients to choose from when they come in! Hope everyone had a great holiday, looking forward to getting back in … Continue reading

Lebanon Hills with Carmen!

Carmen and I actually went on this foray in Lebanon Hills over a month ago, but I do way more interesting stuff when it’s still nice out, so let’s just remember how nice it was that weekend in October when we could wear t-shirts in the woods and look for mushrooms…we found some mushrooms that … Continue reading

Post October Post on October

  This October we FINALLY got it together and got to decorate the house a bit for Halloween! We were so excited when we bought our house a couple years ago (for a lot of reasons obv) but a lot because we would get trick-or-treaters! There are a ton of kids in our neighborhood, but … Continue reading

Summer in the City

It’s been an exciting summer for the shop, we have 4 artists working full time at the shop now, Jason has a baby coming in October, and we’ve got a ton of new businesses opening up in our neighborhood. I am very excited that The Future, an awesome shop that sells crystals, zines, jewelry, and … Continue reading

Winter Getaway

I don’t know about everyone else, but this time of year always starts to feel like a battle in Minnesota–freezing fingers, icy streets and sidewalks, short days, car problems, cold houses! This time of year I appreciate spending time in the shop the most, not only because its a few degrees warmer than my house … Continue reading

Fall Harvest

The garden season is slowly winding down, I tore out a lot of the┬ácucumbers and hot weather plants that aren’t doing much as things cool down and planted a bunch of garlic so we can have scapes in the spring. This summer was our first big garden at our house, and I had so much … Continue reading

Back from Late Summer Travels

I’ve actually been back from traveling for about a month now, but I got to go on three fun trips in August and never posted about it. I went out to Providence and Boston for a long weekend to see the Lungs guys on tour and hang out with my friends Ron and Julia. I’m … Continue reading

Gender and Representation in Tattooing

Over the last couple weeks, a comment I submitted to the Minneapolis Star Tribune about an article on women in tattooing has been reposted quite a bit and received quite a bit of attention from the local tattoo community as well as other women who related to the sentiment as it applied to their own … Continue reading

Experimental Phase

I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with my approach to tattooing, trying out using more line weights to make a tattoo look like a woodcut or an etching, stripping things down to simplicity, sculpting lines up (which I never thought I would do!), using different color palettes in different ways. I’ve also been trying to … Continue reading

Snow Day!

The fact that it snowed quite a bit in the last couple days in Minnesota doesn’t apply too much to this post, besides the fact that I’m in a good mood because its so bright and pretty outside and I’m running out of snappy titles. Snowy days are nice when you’re inside all day for … Continue reading