So excited to ring in a New Year! Do you guys set New Year’s resolutions? Mine is to do 1+ pull up at the gym and keep working on putting together paintings and drawings for clients to choose from when they come in! Hope everyone had a great holiday, looking forward to getting back in … Continue reading

Recent Work

Here’s some pictures of recent work, in the wake of everything that’sĀ been going on in the news, I can’t write another happy-go-lucky post today. I hope everyone stays safe, please be kind and listen to each other.

Tis The Season

The holidays can mean vastly different things to different people–for most tattooers, myself included, it means a small lull in business and some quiet time around the shop. This December I haven’t done a lot of painting, but I have gotten to start working on some projects with friends and experimenting with new approaches to … Continue reading

President Obama visits the Sea Wolf!

Okay, that’s not totally true, but President Obama did visit our sleepy intersection yesterday to eat one of Matt’s bar’s famous juicy Lucy’s. We weren’t quite sure what was going on when the street started to fill with police officers, but as more people started to gather in the street we got the scoop and … Continue reading