Back from Late Summer Travels

I’ve actually been back from traveling for about a month now, but I got to go on three fun trips in August and never posted about it. I went out to Providence and Boston for a long weekend to see the Lungs guys on tour and hang out with my friends Ron and Julia. I’m … Continue reading

Experimental Phase

I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with my approach to tattooing, trying out using more line weights to make a tattoo look like a woodcut or an etching, stripping things down to simplicity, sculpting lines up (which I never thought I would do!), using different color palettes in different ways. I’ve also been trying to … Continue reading

Recent Work

Here’s some pictures of recent work, in the wake of everything that’sĀ been going on in the news, I can’t write another happy-go-lucky post today. I hope everyone stays safe, please be kind and listen to each other.

Quick Updates

Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been working on lately. Life has been kind of a whirlwind this summer, I’m in the process of buying a house (yay!) and the shop has been busy, so I don’t feel like I have many pictures or things to share besides some recent tattoos. The shop has … Continue reading

Lucky and Grateful

Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve gotten to work on lately, I’ve been getting to do some really fun lady head and animal head tattoos (More, always, please!). I can’t express enough how lucky I feel to get to work with such awesome clients with such cool ideas. It blows me away every day … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy 2015 everyone! New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays–I love setting goals and looking over what we’ve accomplished in the past year and what we hope to accomplish in the next. I’m really excited about everything this year brought–the Sea Wolf has stayed busy and has been an inspiring place to be, … Continue reading

Tis The Season

The holidays can mean vastly different things to different people–for most tattooers, myself included, it means a small lull in business and some quiet time around the shop. This December I haven’t done a lot of painting, but I have gotten to start working on some projects with friends and experimenting with new approaches to … Continue reading

Home in Minneapolis

I had such a great time in Providence–it was a quick trip, it felt like I spent almost the entire time either working or on a plane, but it was great to see friends and family and be in Providence again. I’m originally from Minneapolis, but I feel like I really developed who I was … Continue reading

Providence Trip!

I will be tattooing in Providence, Rhode Island at Hope Street Tattoo on Wednesday, October 29th and Thursday, October 30th. I’m very excited to see my friends in Providence again, and get to hang out at Hope Street! If you would like to get tattooed while I’m in town, please email me at Other … Continue reading

Some New Stuff!

Summer in Minneapolis, finally! We’ve been keeping busy at the Sea Wolf, so mostly I’ve just been tattooing, but also got some vegetables planted in the garden and pickled some fruit to drink in shrubs. It’s raining today, so I can’t take any good pictures of the garden, but I will take some when the … Continue reading