Lebanon Hills with Carmen!

Carmen and I actually went on this foray in Lebanon Hills over a month ago, but I do way more interesting stuff when it’s still nice out, so let’s just remember how nice it was that weekend in October when we could wear t-shirts in the woods and look for mushrooms…we found some mushrooms that … Continue reading

Post October Post on October

  This October we FINALLY got it together and got to decorate the house a bit for Halloween! We were so excited when we bought our house a couple years ago (for a lot of reasons obv) but a lot because we would get trick-or-treaters! There are a ton of kids in our neighborhood, but … Continue reading

Family Affair

Over the week of Thanksgiving, I was lucky enough to tattoo some friends and family members who I don’t get to see too often. Lucky for me, they all have great taste, do interesting things, and are a pleasure to sit with for an hour or two. Early in the week I got to tattoo … Continue reading

Wolf Pack

At least a couple times a week, a customer asks one of us about the name of the shop, The Sea Wolf Tattoo Company. Jason originally got the idea for the name from an antique print he found of a sailor turning into a wolf. The Sea Wolf is also the title of an adventure novel written by … Continue reading

Castle Accordion

Most Mpls residents, especially Uptown folks, are familiar with the little white castle building on 32nd and Lyndale ave. Randy McPeck, owner of Castle Accordion, uses the historical building as an accordion shop and home for his jeweler’s business. The white castle building was originally built to be a movable unit, and has migrated around … Continue reading

Little Red Dog Tattoo

Mike came in recently and got this little “portrait” of his dog, Red. He wanted the tattoo to reflect Red’s mischievous personality, so I referenced some old tattoo flash of devils and demon masks. I really like doing old timey illustrations like this, it is a fun challenge to try to capture a likeness in a … Continue reading